21st June, 2018

Most people dream of staying in a resort in the Napa Valley in California, but not Bill the Maltese Shih Tzu cross. He would rather stay in the Yapper Valley Pet Resort in Woodstock, 40 kilometres west of Townsville.

For Natalie Giumelli, the decision to give up her 9-5 job and open a pet resort was one she has never looked back on.

Natalie, who came from a Vet Nursing background wanted to combine her passion for animals with her dream for living out in the country.

Pet Resort

“I had a vision for making a boutique pet resort with lots of land for dogs to be dogs,” she said.

With 110 acres of property, Natalie and her husband Brock looked at fencing options to create a safer environment for boarding guests, ensuring it was vermin proof.

“From the get go Adrian and the team at Metalcorp Charters Towers were amazing. Not only in their service but in their knowledge base, which helped us buy the right equipment for our needs. We have never looked back and only buy from Metalcorp now,” Natalie said.

Metalcorp Charters Towers supplied Max Loc Field Fencing, RHS, GAL pipe, high tensile wire, fencing clips, clip guns and barn wire to ensure the Yapper Valley Pet Resort is secure for years to come.

The added security on this 110 acres of space has been well received by the Charters Towers region.

“We have had a great response from the community. It brings people out to Woodstock and then onto Charters Towers.

“It’s something different to see in a rural setting. We have five staff, which we employ locally so we have created jobs, which is great,” Natalie said.

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