22nd June, 2018

Australian farmers have always faced the challenges of controlling feral animals and weighing their livestock.

With the challenges of keeping feral animals out and preventing livestock from getting injured, electric fencing provides a safe and low maintenance fencing option for farmers. It also provides important security for livestock.

In 1990 Thunderbird Fencing moved into the electric fence market and became an award winning supplier of electric fences.

With the success of its electric fencing, Thunderbird also extended its range to manufacture agricultural weighing products.


Using Metalcorp’s Spring Steel Bars in Thunderbird’s weigh bars, Thunderbird’s Agricultural Scale Systems have a load bar capacity of 3000kg.

Using Australian sourced materials wherever possible, Thunderbird Sales and Marketing Manager Natasha Smith said, “Thunderbird chooses to source steel from Metalcorp to ensure the highest quality for our customers.”

The strength and durability of 100% Australian made Metalcorp steel is ideal for weighing livestock and farm produce all around the farm.

This decade long partnership between Metalcorp and Thunderbird has enabled both customer bases to reap the rewards of Thunderbird products.

“Thunderbird’s marketing advantage is that all of the electric fence energisers and scale systems are Australian Made. Our in house design engineer specifically designs our products for the harsh Australian conditions,” Natasha said.

Thunderbird’s head office and manufacturing facilities are both located in Mudgee in central west NSW, with distribution warehouses in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

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