10th July, 2018

Metalcorp and the Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges (QATC) have partnered to help train the next generation of farmers.

Metalcorp will support a number of rural industry scholarships in Queensland for young people with a passion for farming.

The rural brand for the land will also provide livestock handling equipment and rural products for use in training programs at QATC.

“Metalcorp will continue to deliver on the needs of farmers across the country. This partnership is our way of showing practical support for the agricultural sector. It will enable aspiring agriculturalists in Queensland to learn skills in beef and livestock production, cropping, farming and horse management at the Queensland Agricultural Training College” said Metalcorp Sales and Marketing Manager Lester Kirkwood.

With an ageing population, one of the biggest challenges facing the agricultural sector is recruiting and retaining workers.

According to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research, “there will be 80,000 new farm jobs by 2024.”

In a report conducted by the Monash University Professor Chandra Shah reveals that due to an ageing population, the farm sector will have one of the highest rates of retirement by 2024.   

As a Queensland State Government owned Registered Training Organisation, QATC has been delivering rural training since 1967.

With more than 1,640 unique students enrolled at QATC so far in the 2017-18 financial year, these students will play a vital role in meeting the challenges facing the agricultural sector.

Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges (QATC) CEO Mark Tobin said, “The most popular courses this year are the Northern Beef Industries Program at Longreach, which provides work experience with some of Australia’s largest pastoral companies.

“The Northern Beef Industries students will spend some considerable time at our property at Blackwater to get hands on experience in cattle operation.”

The enthusiasm for farming is alive and well in the next generation.

QATC’s new senior school program at Emerald Agricultural College combines a year 11 and 12 curriculum with agricultural studies.

QATC also works with community groups and will deliver training to more than 270 trainees,’ enabling students to gain valuable work experience in conservation, land management and rural operations.

“As an organisation QATC’s key objective is the delivery of a quality education experience and outcome to each and every one of our students,” Mr Tobin said.

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