15th January, 2019

Just 24 hours after announcing Orrcon Steel and Metalcorp are continuing links with Mark Winterbottom for the 2019 Supercars season, there has been an overwhelming show of support across social media.

thanks Orrcon Steel for supporting me

Jason C said, “glad they stuck by you mate you've been a great ambassador for them and good to see loyalty in this day and age.”

Tim C said, “great news and great to see some sponsor loyalty there too. Orrcon are a good brand for sure. Been through the good and bad times on Car 5 and before that the Larkham days. Great to see them stay on the journey.

Mark P said, “I’ve put my order in for some Orrcon.”

Martin Z said, “sponsors are hard to come by, but great ones stand by a great driver.

We appreciate all the positive comments and look forward to continuing the journey with Mark Winterbottom in 2019.

If you missed our announcement follow the link here.