13th March, 2019

Metalcorp Morwell offer free delivery to those affected by the recent fires in Gippsland up until April 30 2019.

Our hearts go out to those in the Gippsland region that have been affected by the recent bushfires.

The high danger fire warning continues throughout the Gippsland region and Metalcorp Morwell encourages the community to remember their bushfire survival plan.

Metalcorp Morwell and Willaton Transport have agreed to offer free delivery to anyone that needs to replace their Metalcorp rural products. 

If you require any rural product, or new fencing and you are in the bushfire affected areas, delivery is free.

We thank Willaton Transport for working in partnership to facilitate this.

With rain and cooler temperatures forecast across the Gippsland region, we are hoping that this will provide some much needed relief.

People from the Gippsland region are resilient and it’s during these tough times that we rely on community spirit to bring people closer together.

Call us today on 5134 6266 to ask how we can help.