Pipe & RHS


Metalcorp Steel offers an extensive range of tubular steel products in Australia for use in a wide range of applications. All our tubular products are continually checked, measured and tested during the manufacturing process to ensure the product meets the relevant Standards and specifications. The following sections are available through Metalcorp:

Structural Products

  • Circular Hollow Sections (CHS)
  • Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS)
  • Square Hollow Sections (SHS)

Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) - for strength and aesthetics

This was the first and still common form of hollow section.  It is used in a multitude of applications including building construction and other structural and mechanical areas.  From an architectural perspective the constant clean lines provide a very smooth surface appearance which is often employed in many high-profile applications. The lack of protruding edges on these fully closed sections assists in reducing the effects of exposure to the elements and also in increased cleanliness from dust and other material build-up.

Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) - for strength and economy

Following the introduction of CHS, RHS have also become very popular in many forms of construction and other structural & mechanical applications.  This has been greatly assisted by the section's inherent flat surfaces making it more economical for joining and other fabrication processes.  In this instance, and unlike CHS, the sections only need to be straight-cut (when joining to other flat surfaces) instead of profile cut (e.g. when preparing a CHS end or when joining to curved surfaces).  Minimal edge preparation is required for joining and welding RHS.
Like CHS, RHS can be used for architectural aesthetics, possessing clean lines, it is functional, and interacts less with external environmental effects.

Square Hollow Section (SHS) - for balanced strength, symmetry and aesthetics

In terms of its appearance and structural behaviour, the popular SHS is positioned somewhere between a CHS and RHS.  The "equal-sided" symmetry of SHS tends to exhibit some of the aesthetic aspects of CHS yet still possess the inherent flat surfaces of RHS for better connectivity.  When a balance is required between strength and functionality, SHS are commonly used in many structural and mechanical applications.

Piping Products

Pipe - for low pressure reticulation and general applications

Pipe products satisfy Standards for low pressure reticulation / piping, general mechanical and structural applications.  For a specific outside diameter these sections have a larger wall thickness than CHS in the Structural Products range.  However, the Pipe product range is of a lower strength grade to Structural CHS.  Pipe products are versatile and easy to use for general, mechanical, low pressure piping and structural applications. 

Standardised diameters and thicknesses for the Pipe product range permit industry accepted connections to be readily used in fluid conveyancing applications.  The larger wall thickness of Pipe products also helps to provide extended service life in heavy fluid and wear applications such as that encountered in mining operations, slurry and concrete pumping.  Coupled with a galvanized coating, the large wall thickness can greatly assist in improving the Pipe's corrosion resistance in some water reticulation applications.

Due to the larger cross-sectional areas available for Pipe products, these sections are also commonly used in structural applications.


ERW pipe is used in structural applications mainly for columns, bollards, bore casing, and water, oil and gas industry. The size range is from 114mm OD to 610mm OD and is available in stock lengths of 12m as standard.

Commercial Pipe 

Our commercial pipe is manufactured to a variety of specifications, coatings and end finishes. Please refer to the Resources and Tools for a list of all materials available.

Seamless Pipe

Seamless pipe to ASTM A106B and sourced from mills with an international reputation as quality manufacturers, meeting our supplier accreditation requirements. The manufacturers are accredited by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Full certification is available.

Red Painted Pipe

Red Painted Pipe - optimally designed for fire protection services. Red Painted Pipe is ideal for use in fire protection reticulation systems and is easy to install.  It is designed for reduced on-site labour, being supplied painted red.

Red Painted Pipe is made from a steel with increased mechanical properties and is available with the option of roll grooved ends and may be joined by means of a Victaulic fitting and is compatible with most standard welded pipe fittings

Other Products

Scaffolding Tube - supporting your scaffolding needs

The importance of scaffolding members and systems cannot be understated.  These systems are an integral part of the fabrication, construction and maintenance processes commonly used in many industries.  The key performance requirements of these sections are that there should be tight control of cross-section, internal weld bead profile and member dimensions (for telescoping elements).  They should also be robust and durable for not only overloads encountered during their working life but also from mishandling elements used in temporary or permanent falsework applications. Steel Tube Mills Scaffolding Tube satisfies all these traits and the requirements of the relevant scaffolding tube Standard

Bore Casing Tube - protecting precious bore-water pipes

Water being a precious commodity in most parts of Australia may, in many situations, be sourced from bore wells.  Extracting the water and bringing it to the surface requires a protective covering or sleeve around the water pipe.  The role of bore casing is to provide that protective covering.  Once in the ground the bore casing pipe must provide many years of reliable service. 

Cattle Rail - saving your livestock

Cattle rail is a tubular rail section geared for applications involving livestock - as an example for fencing-in cattle, horses, sheep, etc.  Though the Cattle rail section is used predominantly in livestock applications, it can also be used in a range of other end-uses.

Yard Rail is a smaller section than Cattle Rail and has an oval appearance (curved edges and flat sides), this reduces bruising injuries on livestock in pen-type situations and is preferred by many livestock owners.


  • Painted product may be painted Primer Blue or Black.
  • PreGal products are galvanized inside and out.
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized – Commercial Pipes are offered in this finish.
  • Black product may be lightly oiled.

For a specific finish, please check with you local branch outlet.