Plain fence wire

Metalcorp Plain Fencing Wire

Metalcorp Steel’s Plain Wire range comes in soft, medium and high tensile, galvanised, and in a range of thicknesses, to suit every fence requirement.

Metalcorp Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire deters stock from rubbing against the fence, one of the major causes of fence damage.

Metalcorp Wire Netting

Available in a variety of wire diameters and mesh apertures to ensure that wire netting is suitable for an assortment of applications.

Trellis Wire

Our range of Trellis Wire comes in a number of diameters to suit every trellising requirement.

Tie Wire

Ideal for tying light and medium meshes, plant support, trellising tomatoes and general garden work.

Tomato Wire

As the name suggests, Tomato Wire is used primarily to train vines of various vegetables and fruit. It can be easily re-rolled and stored for future seasons.



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